Getting Started with FAIRsharing
Perhaps you've searched FAIRsharing and noticed your standard, database or policy isn’t there. Or maybe it is there, but needs some updates. Not to worry, you can add and update records easily.
Please note that this document is still under construction. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Creating an Account

You don't need an account with us to search FAIRsharing and discover resources relevant to your community. However, if you wish to contribute to FAIRsharing, for example if you have a database that you wish to register with us to improve your resource's findability, then you'll need an account.
The minimum information for an account with us is a valid email address and a username. The email address can be either for an individual or a group and records can be maintained by more than one account.

Accessing FAIRsharing through 3rd-party accounts

You may use your ORCID, Twitter or GitHub account to log into FAIRsharing. In this case, the email address used within those accounts will become the one linked to your FAIRsharing account.
    You will be presented with the option to create a FAIRsharing account via ORCID, Twitter or GitHub. Choose which method you would like to use to log into FAIRsharing.
    If the email linked to your third-party account is new to FAIRsharing, then after authentication, a new FAIRsharing account will be created for you using the information from that account.
    If the email linked to your third-party account is already associated with a FAIRsharing account, then after authentication, you will be taken directly to your existing FAIRsharing account.
Linking an ORCID account requires that your default email with ORCID is visible to FAIRsharing. You may need to modify your ORCID profile settings if your email address is not visible. To do this go to select "emails" and set visibility to "everyone" (see screenshot below).
Editing your email address settings on ORCID
Some users have noticed that the FAIRsharing site hangs after updating their ORCID settings and logging in again on the FAIRsharing site. If this happens to you, simply log out of ORCID and then refresh the FAIRsharing page.

Creating a FAIRsharing-only account

You can also create an account directly with us without using authentication via social media accounts.
    Choose the "Create a new account" option to create an account with us without using a social media account. (this takes you to
    Fill in the details requested in the form and click "Register my new account". You will be sent an activation code from [email protected], but sometimes this gets accidentally filtered by people's email systems into their spam folder. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we'll be happy to help you with the process.

Logging in and user profiles

To log in, visit . Your user profile contains a variety of information about you. As an example, here is the public profile for one of our curators:

What belongs in FAIRsharing?

Not sure if your database, standard or policy qualifies for addition to FAIRsharing? You can check here:​
FAIRsharing maintains three, inter-related resource registries across all domains and subjects:
To allow the grouping of records across these three registries, we support the generation of Collections. We encourage Collections collated according to a specific criteria, for example, those databases and standards recommended by a funding body or journal policy.
Note: This guide is for databases and standards only. Policies and Collections are covered elsewhere.

Creating a Record

First, check that your resource isn't already with us. You can do this through any of a number of ways for searching and discovering resources.
If you can't find it in FAIRsharing, please visit to get started on a new record. If it is in FAIRsharing, you can claim it (see next section) and then, once your claiming request is approved, begin editing the record.

Claiming a Record

Choose "Request ownership" from the "ACTIONS" menu of the record you'd like to update. This will let FAIRsharing know that you are a developer of this resource and you'd like to help maintain this record.
Choose "Request Ownership" to get started.
Claiming a record as either a group or an individual gives you the opportunity to make changes to the record yourself, allowing you complete control over how your resource is displayed in FAIRsharing. Maintainers are also notified if our curation team edits the record, if users ask questions, or if the record is linked from another record, such as from a journal publisher data policy. In addition, if you claim a record(s) as an individual, you can also link the record to your ORCID.
FAIRsharing is about making your resource discoverable to a variety of users, such as journals and publishers, researchers and service providers, research and infrastructure projects and programmes, as well as curators, librarians, funders and other policy makers and data scientists. A contact is essential should they have any questions about your resource.

Updating a Record


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